Personalized Ad Recommendations
On Key Moments Of Purchase

Ritelo delivers immersive recommendations to consumers when they are shopping on the retailer's app or website

Ritelo's Contextual Scoring Engine
Innovation In Retail Technology

Ritelo's retail media platform leverages AI to parse key signals from the shopping journey and actions to predict the most relevant brand and product for consumers

Ritelo's Historical Product Insights
Built Using Data Science

Ritelo's data-science-led platform leverages key historical insights & learnings to define the most probable recommendations for meaningful outcomes

Set Campaign, Budget, Upload Creatives &
Take Campaign Live

Use Ritelo's campaign module to set budgets, campaign type and approve creatives to go live with campaigns

Schedule Reports and
Monitor Results

Get periodic reports in your inbox with Ritelo's reporting module. Stay updated with real-time analytics

Top Industry Recognitions For
Driving Value With Innovation